About this blog…

walking-path-2.jpgAs the title suggests, this blog site is just me sharing thoughts that I am pondering on, meditating on, musing over, sometimes struggling with (with an occasional rant here and there) along my journey as a follower of Christ Jesus. Every now and then I might share a song I’ve written, or a bit of verse that has moved me, quotes from famous (and maybe not so famous) folks who inspire me.  Most of all, I have  a deep love for the Word of God (the Bible), and I have an overwhelming passion for the words of God to find a true and living expression in and through my life, and to encourage that life within others.  I have a long, long, LONG way to go. Fortunately, Father God is very patient!  🙂

I truly pray that you find hope and encouragement in the thoughts expressed in these posts.  Blessings to you along the journey!


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